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"Photographing someone is always personal."


This guy rides a motorcycle, likes 80s music, did not watch Game of Thrones and even eats meat. Continue reading at your own risk.

I think one can say that I am a rather emotional photographer. Be it an assignment or one of my own projects, I like to take time and get to know the people I take pictures of. Makes things more personal and perhaps, we are then less of a stranger to one another.

I love natural appearances. This is especially true to my view on skin, expressions, emotions and the photograph or video itself. My work went rough a long evolution from taking just pretty pictures in B&W, through a period in fashion to what I now regard as my favourite as skin, lifestyle and portraits.

I studied Fine Art majoring in Photography, then after some years of traveling, I have established my home in London.

2018 brought some major new developments, when after months of hard work I opened my new production house and studio in my hometown, Budapest, Hungary.

While I am busy with the new studio and dong meetings in Germany, UK and the US to show my work around, once in a while I do stop to pursue my own “love-projects” in filming documentaries and working on a portrait book “Men at Sea”.

At the moment, I often divide my time between, London, Germany, Hungary and South-Africa.





Adam von Mack




Lavera Cosmetics Germany, US Polo Assn., Taylor&Hart Jewellery, Wolford, Rimmel, Silhouette Eyewear, Wonderland Magazine, Metal Magazine, Schon Magazine, Tatler, Vulkan Magazine, Marie Claire, Costume Magazine, Cosmopolitan

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