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My photographs are closest to portraiture and lifestyle, although I prefer not to put my pictures in specific categories nowadays.

I like to keep the honesty of my pictures and snap spontaneous moments with the many beautiful faces I work with. Beauty is quite dry on its own however. When in front of my camera, I like when people forget about their looks completely and just be natural.

I studied Photography and Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary and was awarded in portraiture  when I started to join various competitions, such as the Sony Photography Awards or the Hasselblad Masters. 

I am currently working on my second exhibition and personal portrait series called My Eastern Promises.


clients include:

Schon Magazine, Tatler, Marie Claire, Costume Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Nivea
Silhouette Eyewear, Taylor & Hart Jewellery, Wolford, US POLO ASSN.,Rimmel






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